Recommended Reading List

A long time ago at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, a history professor by the name of Teti assembled a wide-ranging reading list for his students. His idea was to suggest books on a variety of topics, both ancient and modern, to broaden the minds of readers.

Prof. Teti retired in the dark days before the World Wide Web. His superb reading list has seemingly not made the jump. A useful bit of history has been lost.

In Prof. Teti’s memory, I offer my own humble attempt at a recommended reading list. I doubt it is as good as his, but there will be substantial overlap.

I don’t agree with the views of every author on my list. I can guarantee that each will make you think. Some are hard and some are easy. All are interesting.

The list includes the following categories:

  • The Culture of the West
  • Cultures of the Rest of the World
  • Leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Warfare

Each section tries to get you thinking about a topic, and how to think about it, more than trying to teach it to you. That would be the role of specialist reading. For example, the technology section has very few books about technology but several books about how we interact with technology. The mathematics section contains only one book on traditional mathematics (the only decent book on the differential and integral calculus I am aware of), and several on mathematical reasoning.

Enjoy reading! Please let me know if you have an addition to suggest or wish to agitate for removal of a particular book.

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